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The Best Kind of Windows For Protection

Posted on December 10, 2021 at 11:20 am

When you think about your home or business, you want your windows to be a kind that will offer maximum protection. The kind of window that you should be after for the most protection is triple glazed windows. These are the type of windows that will offer the most protection to your property. This is due to the number of layers that the windows have. The thickness of these makes it more difficult for them to be broken into, whilst it can still happen, it is more challenging. You will want to pair this type of glass with a casement window. This is a window that has a locking handle on the inside which opens outwards. Meaning there will be no way for an intruder to easily gain access to your home through this kind of window. Keeping your property safe is the main priority, so investing in triple glazed casement windows will be best for you.

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How To Burglar Proof Your Home Windows

Posted on April 16, 2021 at 10:52 am

We all want our homes to be as safe as possible. As burglaries are common, it is without a doubt that we all want to burglar-proof our homes. With our windows being the. ost common entry method, how can we keep our windows and homes safe?

Window Locks
One of the ways to burglar-proof your windows is by investing in window locks. Most windows are now installed with these locks included but it is definitely something everyone should all look into. There are many different types of window locks from pin locks and key locks to hinged wedge locks and sash locks. We will discuss more about these in another blog post.

Window Sensors
Another way to burglar-proof your windows is by installing window sensors. These work by installing a sensor to the outside of your window that will alarm or send you a notification when it is tampered with or moved. This is especially handy if you are going out and want to know if anyone comes near your windows.

CCTV Cameras
While this option is not directly linked to windows, installing CCTV will protect your home from burglaries. With the criminals generally avoiding homes that have CCTV installed for the fear of being caught. Installing CCTV to your home, with some pointing in the area of your windows will help to protect your home, as well as gain vital footage if your home is still broken into.

Motion Lights
A simple, yet effective method is installing motion lights. As the name suggests, these lights turn on when motion is detected. These are perfect for outdoor lights. If a light randomly turns on it can spook the criminal, making them think twice about entering your home.

If you wish to protect your home, use some of our window protection ideas. Keeping your home and your family safe at all times, giving your home extra burglar deterrents.

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Iron railings over windows for extra security.

Posted on February 22, 2017 at 11:48 am

More than two-thirds of burglary cases transpire in buildings that lack iron railings, this is why you should start thinking of them as an extra security measure. Windows will at most help decorate your house and leave the priceless assets in your house at the mercy of burglars.

In addition to being able to withstand massive impact imposed on them, properly designed and developed wrought iron railings will prevent any potential form of forceful entry. Better still, they offer more design options than you would get from windows.

Any thief first figures out how to successfully gain entry and exit through any access point especially the windows. With well-structured iron railings, your premises will be not only less attractive to a housebreaker but also chances of them getting away quickly if they gained access will be limited.

Employing Iron railings will work as a deterrent and provide you with the extra security for your home or business place.

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Security Bars: Where Security is Vital

Posted on July 24, 2016 at 1:02 pm

Alarms and cameras are nice additions to commercial properties because they deter burglars, but when a burglar has  decided to go ahead with a burglary, you’ll need something a lot more resistant to keep them out. Security bars are a fine option. We all know windows are often the weakest area of a building, so giving them strength from solid iron or steel bars will help keep out even the most accomplished of burglars. The installation of these bars is not too difficult and it is quite cheap if you have the right tools at your disposal, but we’d always advise you choose a professional to get the best possible fit. The one main reason why you would decide against these bars is if you’re looking to maintain an attractive exterior, but if security is crucial, there’s no better solution than security bars.

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