Condensation – How To Fix The Issue

Posted on February 16, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Condensation is one of the most common issues to occur on windows. It is caused by dampness in the air which makes the windows condensate. Today, we are going to share with you some extremely cheap and simple ways to solve this issue found in homes all over the world.

Some ways to reduce and fix condensation include:

Improve Ventilation
Condensation is most commonly found in bathrooms after a hot shower or bath. This is due to the steam and dampness of the air. Improving ventilation will help to reduce this. For example, opening your window when bathing or installing an air vent. This helps to regulate the temperature of your room reducing condensation. It is important to note that this will allow heat to escape the room, so this should be taken into consideration when looking to install ventilation.

Clear Your Windows
To help protect your windows from damage caused by condensation, the cheapest way to do this is to clear your windows. Every time you notice condensation you should wipe this away. This helps to prevent the risk of mold forming in the area. You should wipe down your windows and glass surfaces after every shower to keep them condensation free.

Lacking insulation in your home may also be part of the issue causing condensation. Improving your installation can help to decrease the amount of condensation you see naturally around your home. For example, if you have single glazed windows, upgrading to double glazing will help to reduce the issue and reduce the amount of mold found in your home.

Here are our three easy, cheap, and simple methods to reducing condensation in your home. If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear them! Let us help to reduce the amount of condensation and mold in our homes together.

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