Essential Items Needed To Clean Your Windows

Posted on November 16, 2020 at 3:14 pm

Today, we are going to discuss what items are essential for window cleaning. Followed by why they are so important and what they are used for.

The most common, but still essential, item for cleaning your windows is a squeegee. This is used to wipe down the droplets off of your window. Helping it to keep your window smear-free.

A bucket is an essential item for window cleaning. Being used to hold water which you are using to cleaning your windows with. Or holding your window cleaning products so they are all in one area.

Microfibre Cloth
This is essential as it is the main item you will be using to wipe clean your windows. You should have a couple of these cloths on hand so you do not spread the dirt between windows. They should also be microfibre so fibres are not left on your window.

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