What You Need To Know About Glass Rooms

Posted on November 20, 2019 at 8:32 pm

If you are thinking about an extension to your home, you should consider a glass room.  Glass rooms are a great addition to any property and offer a range of benefits.  If you are unsure about glass rooms, there is some information that you should know before you make any decisions. 

What Are Glass Rooms?

As the name suggests, these are rooms that have glass instead of walls.  Glass rooms are often mistaken for conservatories, but they are different structures.  A glass room is a hybrid space that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while being inside.  

The overall function of these rooms is similar to a conservatory, but they require less framework.  There are some glass rooms that are completely frameless using minor support posts.  This will create an unobstructed view of the garden.  These rooms also use less uPVC making them more aesthetically pleasing. 

When Can A Glass Room Be Used?

In the same way that a conservatory can be used at any time, there are no limits to when you can make use of a glass room.  Glass rooms can be closed when it is wet and fully opened with the weather is better.  This versatility allows you to have a room and veranda in one place. 

During the summer months, a conservatory can become hot because of the limited airflow.  This is not something you have to worry about with a glass room.  You also never have to worry about the amount of light you get. 

Traditional extensions and conservatories have brickwork and framing that limits the light that enters the room.  A glass room does not have this and you will always get the maximum amount of light.  During the summer, this light can be diffused through the use of an awning or frosting on the roof glass.  

Do You Need Planning Permission?

There are certain extensions to your home that do not require planning permission.  It is possible that a glass room will be one of them.  However, this will depend on your location and where the glass room will be located.  

Certain types of properties will require planning permission before these rooms are built.  However, there are other properties where glass rooms can be built when other extensions are not allowed.  You will need to consult your local planning office for more information. 

Many people think glass rooms and conservatories are the same, but they are different.  Glass rooms do not have the framework of a conservatory and can be completely opened to enjoy the weather.

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