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Window Cleaning in Winter: Is it worth it?

Posted on November 10, 2017 at 11:00 pm

Many people look at their windows in the winter months when they’re putting their Christmas decorations up and think “gosh my windows are filthy!”

That said, not many people choose to clean their windows when it’s as cold as it is right now, so is it better to wait until spring? Well, it does really depend on how bad the weather is, and how dirty the windows are. If it’s so cold and damp that the windows will not dry properly, and if there’s no sign of a good day coming, then you may want to wait it out for a brighter day. If you wait until spring, the windows will just remain dirty, but if you clean them during winter, they could pick up dust and dirt relatively quickly too, so in our opinion, it’s usually best to wait. A spring clean is a wise option when the warmer period rolls around again, so why not start planning for that big job, and just relax whilst we’re in the festive period.

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