Adding a sun tube to your home

Posted on September 21, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Sun tubes are a great way to bring extra light into your home and work great for ensuites or hallways with no windows.

A sun tube works by directing light from outside and directing it along with a reflective tubing into the ceiling of your home. The tubing is connected to your roof and will require a hole in order for it to be fitted. Hiring a professional to fit and install a suntube is highly recommended as they will be able to complete the job in good time while making sure the tube is well sealed. The sun tube will require good sealing to avoid any leaking into the attic directly from the roof.

Sun tubes are great at bringing natural light into a dark space, working perfectly in small dark hallways or windowless en-suites. Sun tubes can be a fantastic alternative choice for installing a sunlight if this isn’t a viable option for your home.

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