Skylights and conservatories

Posted on December 22, 2016 at 7:21 am

Skylights work extremely well with conservatories and that’s because the standard conservatory is extremely bright. The windows and doors provide pleasant views over the garden as well as attracting lots of natural light that can spread beyond the conservatory and into the home. Skylights fitted to the conservatory roofs or roofs made of complete glass can enhance this even more. With skylights on top of a conservatory you get an unbelievable amount of natural light, especially if you have a south-facing garden. There’s also the advantage in saving electricity because you’re not turning the light bulb on as frequently. Even on a cold British evening you can still get enough light drawn into the room as the sun goes down, whilst solar powered garden lights can add a twinkle, preventing you to need any electric. Consider skylights if you’re planning a conservatory for your home, and don’t foget you also get pleasant views of the sky above!

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