Using spirit vinegar to clean your windows

Posted on November 30, 2016 at 12:51 am

Spirit vinegar goes a very long way, not just in meals but on your windows too. Many household cleaning products that you find in supermarkets include spirit vinegar so even if you don’t have a bottle of powerful cleaning spray in your cupboard you can always knock up a home remedy. Using spirit vinegar mixed with water and washing up liquid makes for a killer combo. Working this solution into the windows with a sponge will eradicate dirt and grime and leave your windows sparkly clean. Of course, the only downside with this solution is that your home will smell like a fish and chip shop for a few hours, but we recommend you air the room out by keeping the windows open for several hours and it should go away. A scented spray is also handy and it will certainly finish the job, meaning can move on to your other important household tasks.

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