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Resealing your windows

Posted on September 30, 2016 at 10:09 am

Overtime the sealant you have used on the outside of your windows can disintegrate or decay over time. If your sealant has or is turning black in colour, then you may want to consider getting your windows resealed, especially with winter right around the corner. By resealing your windows you can remove drafts and condensation, giving your home more protection from the frosty weather. To reseal your widows you need to remove the old sealant by caulking around the frame. Once removed, simply clean the window frame and add your new sealant, it’s that easy. Just be sure not to put too much sealant in otherwise you may damage your window frames, and this will be a much bigger job to fix. There are many sealants to choose from including white and transparent, so do your homework first before choosing the right product for your windows.

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