Tinting your bathroom windows

Posted on August 13, 2016 at 7:16 pm

You don’t always have to opt for obscure glass in your bathroom. Adding privacy is easy with some tinted window film. Whether you’d like one way privacy or two way privacy you can easily upgrade your windows with some special film that not only tints your windows, but also maintains good light transmission. Having tinted film added to your bathroom windows will provide an immediate and stylish privacy solution that can be cut to your exact size or specifications of your window, to the millimeter! The main benefit of using film is that you can save yourself hundreds of pounds. It’s a really cost efficient and effective way of achieving the same results as obscure glass. They can be added to long windows, Velux windows, skylights, door glass and essentially any panel of glass you like, but you should always get a professional to fit them as they’ll be able to line the film up perfectly.

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