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5 Great tips to keep your windows and doors in check

Posted on November 3, 2015 at 11:08 am

Doors and windows are important and expensive set ups and they protect us from outside threats. Thus it is our moral duty to take proper care of them to keep them in good condition.

1. Always keep the doors and windows clean. Wipe them and splash water on the glasses so they look clean and `tidy. Dirty doors and windows don’t produce good image.

2. If they are of wooden keep them away from water and other liquids. Water might spoil the wood and lead to deterioration of doors.

3. Make arrangements for their painting or polishing. A polished and shiny door and window are a treat to watch.

4. If the windows and doors are of metal, paint them every year in order to avoid rusting and brokerage of previous paint.

5. Make sure that the handles, locks are in well state and they aren’t broken.

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