Understanding the correct location of installing windows and doors around the home

Posted on September 11, 2015 at 10:48 am

Windows and doors are the most important elements of a home. They are the openings in a house and are installed to get in the fresh and natural. Therefore, it is important that they are mounted at the right place.

Location of openings in a house

· The number of windows and doors in a house should be kept minimum and according to the need.

· The location or the place of openings must meet functional requirement and should fulfill the purpose wherever installed.

· The window should be sited in opposite wall, facing a door or another window, to achieve cross ventilation.

· The door should not be installed or placed in the center of the wall, as it gives an odd appeal to the wall and to the room.

· A window should be located on the northern side of a room as this will allow fresh air to come in.

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Importance Of Installing Skylights

Posted on September 1, 2015 at 9:03 am

Skylights are functionally the same as regular windows – they offer warmth, ventilation and natural light to liven up the interiors. However, what makes it different from a regular window is that, it allows homeowners to view the sky even without stepping out of the house. Also, with the varied styles and accessories, it offers choices that standard windows cannot provide. There is nothing like it that can lighten up the room throughout the day and bestow a stunning view of stars at night. It also boosts the aesthetic value of the place where it’s installed. Here are a few factors that affirm its importance in a house as well as in commercial places.

Saves Energy:

The use of these roof lights has enabled home owner to save on energy bills. They provide nearly 30% more natural light as compared to regular windows so, one can easily cut back on the amount of time they require to use artificial sources of lighting. Also, during the winter season, it allows the heat of the sun to radiate into the room and decreases the need for heating to a large extent. This factor not only helps to reduce the electric bills, it also minimises energy consumption, which in turn reduces emissions that are harmful for the environment.  (more…)

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