How To Remove A Window From A Wood Frame

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 11:36 am

The main reason for windows being taken out of a window frame is usually down to the window being broken. Seeing as one of the most popular type of window frames are wooden, we thought we post on the best way to remove a window from such a frame.

Before you get to work, place plastic sheeting around the window to catch any glass. Make sure to wear work gloves and glasses during the process. Use a chisel and hammer to remove the hard putty, but do this in small steps. If the putty is stuck to the wood, you can use a heat gun to warm the putty up. This will make it easier to remove using a chisel. Use pliers to remove the small triangles and then clean up the wood, smoothing the surface.

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Guide On Buying The Best Security Grilles In Northampton

Posted on January 20, 2015 at 12:07 pm

The use of security grilles for both residential and commercial purposes has increasingly grown very popular these days. They are used to help deter the entrance of unwanted visitors as well as add beauty to buildings. However, despite their being very popular and important, most people find it challenging to choose the best ones. If you are in the market shopping for security grilles in Northampton, you should know various things to help make your search easier and more prolific.

The durability aspect of the grilles is the first most crucial factor to consider. Depending on the manufacturer and the purpose they are made to serve, different security grilles are made from varying materials. There are those which are made from steel materials others aluminium while others are made from metal alloys. (more…)

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