How To Repair A Wooden Frame

Posted on December 23, 2014 at 4:26 pm

Rotten wood is a common occurrence with wooden frames, mostly due to damp. If you’re looking to remove the rot from a particular part of your wooden frame, make sure that breaking glass isn’t a possibility as that could be a costly mishap!

Before you apply any wood filler, make sure to clean the surface of the wood frame and remove any debris which may be around the surface area. When ready, apply wood filler into the area in question. Then sand the area¬†when dry and apply a layer of filler. Once that’s dry, sand it smooth.

If you’re wooden frame is largely rotting in a particular area, then it’s best to remove that part of the frame completely. It’s better to remove good wood, than leave a bit of rotten wood untreated.

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