Security Grilles and Bars

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 12:28 pm

Among the best ways of deterring burglars is simply installing security grilles and bars that are fitted onto the windows. They are particularly designed to make it quite difficult to just enter your home through the windows. Without a well maintained as well as secured arena, it’s hard to survive in the world today. The installation of these bars is not difficult and it is quite cheap if at all you have the right tools at your disposal.

Which are some of the types of security grilles and bars?

There are so many types as well as categories of security grilles. In fact, you have got a lot of varieties to choose from. The following are some of the famous and also the most popular grilles.

Fixed security grilles

These types of security grilles cannot be moved after they are installed. The bars can neither be moved nor replaced in any way. They are supposed to be of very high quality and they are exclusively designed and also installed with an aim of security and protection. Fixed security grilles are the best for homes.

Decorative window bars

They can be used for both homes and businesses. Because of their decorative look, it doesn’t look as if yo installed them for protection purposes. They can either be fixed or even removable bars. They are either made of wood, steel, aluminium and several others. A number of them are exclusively made for decoration purposes while others usually serve dual purpose, decoration as well as security.

Removable grilles

These types of security grilles and bars are removable. They can be removed or even replaced quite easily. Their main purpose is security but they are fairly flexible and also extremely easy to make use of.

Window security bars with alarm

They are perfect anti-theft grilles that are made with the intention of protection as well as security. Whenever a person tries to climb, cut or even touch them, the alarm triggers immediately. You need not to worry if you have alarm security grilles fixed at your home.

The following are the steps of installing grilles on your windows;

Choosing a grill

You can purchase your grill from any machine shop where it will be custom made. Nevertheless, you will need to measure your windows and give the measurement to the person who is in charge. It will then take about three days for the shop to make the grill to your specifications.

Measuring the placement

Before installing the grilles, you need to position them against your windows and then use a pencil to mark the location of the holes.

Drilling placement holes

Drill the holes and make sure that you make use of a long drill bit but with a small diameter. Ensure that you drill the holes as deep as you can so that they can accommodate very long as well secure screws.

Grilles installation

After you have drill the holes, hold the security grilles up to the holes and then use a long deck screw to fix the bars to your window.

Keep yourself protected from thieves and also robbers by installing security grilles and bars.




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